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HiAsh.com began 10th May 2004 out of CreateUK.co.uk.

You might find web site design, nu media (like flash, shockwave and quicktime), games, code for the web (in html, css, php, mysql, asp, lingo and actionscript), code to compile (like c++, java or directX) or maybe something else.

ash's email:
   Hi (a) HiAsh.com
ash's mob uk:
   07763 607431
ash's mob usa:
ash's cv/resume:
   download pdf

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Personal: Contact Details: show hide

Date of Birth:
Mobile (UK):
Mobile (USA):

Ashley Bennett
27th July 1983
07763 607431
Hi (a) HiAsh.com

Address (UK):
10 Ashburnham Gardens,
Essex, UK
RM14 1XA
Tel: 01708 251022

Address (USA):
950 Redwood Shores Pkwy,
Apartment A102,
Redwood City, CA
90465, USA
Tel: 650-587-5779

Personal: Interests & Activities: show hide

  • Playing sports, such as badminton, football, tennis and swimming
  • Playing computer and video games
  • Learning about and experimenting with new technologies
  • Entering media competitions, including 'Games Developer UK', designing advertisements for Channel 4 and Microsoft's 'Imagine Cup' (in which I was a winner.)
  • Attending industry events such as the Game Developers Conference

Education: University: show hide

(2004 - 2006) Full Sail (www.fullsail.com)

Game Design & Development BSc (Valedictorian): Full Sail puts you in the entertainment industry on your first day of school to get you on the road to a career developing, designing, and programming games for consoles and computers.

(2001 - 2004) University of Plymouth (www.Plymouth.ac.uk)

Multimedia Computing BSc (Hons) (previously MediaLab Arts BSc (Hons)): A 'new media' course. A fresh mix of art and computing, to help produce creators, not just people who can use software.

Education: Previous Education: show hide

(1994 - 2001) The Coopers Company and Coborn School, Upminster

Computer Science
General Studies


English Literature
Double Science;
--Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Graphic Design
Information Technology


Work: Creative Skills: show hide

I can work well with people, meet deadlines, and am always punctual. I am also an experienced computer user with knowledge in both hardware and software, including:

  • Programming Languages:
    C++, C, C#, Assembly, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, WML, Lingo, ActionScript, Java and Visual Basic
  • Programming Tools & SDKs:
    Visual Studio, Intel VTune, DirectX, OpenGL, Xenon XDK, Sony PS3 SDK, Renderware, DevTrack, Perforce
  • Video Game Editing Tools:
    UnrealEd, WorldCraft, Hammer
  • O/S and Office Tools:
    Windows, Mac, MS Office
  • 3D Modeling:
    Maya, 3D Studio Max, Swift 3D
  • Image Editing:
    Photoshop, Fireworks
  • HTML & Website Editing:
    Dreamweaver, Flash, Director
  • Other Media Editing:
    Premiere, After Effects, QuickTime

Examples of my work can be found in my Portfolio.

Work: Experience: show hide

  • July 2006 ~ Present Software Engineer for Electronic Arts, (www.EA.com) working on an internal online SDK for the game teams to use on titles for PC, Xbox 360 and Sony PS3.
  • 2000 ~ Present Running a media design company, HiAsh.com, (previously Cre@teUK,) through which I have created various work for some small businesses (www.HiAsh.com)
  • Sept '03 at Fifth Dimension Productions, (www.FifthDimension.com) London, working mostly with 3ds max, Photoshop and Illustrator
  • July '03 ~ Sept '03 with GMTV, (www.gm.tv/sales) in London Television Centre fully producing their b2b website from design to going live.
  • June '02 a Freelancer for Motiongrafik, (www.Motiongrafik.com) a design company in Plymouth as designer and coder
  • July '02 ~ Sept '02 at Compass Plumbing & Heating Supplies, Hornchurch. Here I was working with customer sales, giving advice, ordering goods for them and for stock, and taking deliveries
  • Feb '00 ~ May '01 at Somerfield Stores Ltd. to aid with promotional offers and stock control, then running warehouse operations and order intake
  • 3 months working in a video rental shop, handling mail order

Work: References: Available upon request.

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